The Mayor and the curator of the Friry Museum
welcomed by Miss Morpe in charge of the donation.

On September 2006, Miss Madeleine Morpe, the sister-in-law of the artist and according to the wish of her sister Jeanne (the artist’s wife), Miss Morpe made a gift of a hundred paintings, drawings and souvenirs of the artist.

In this flat situated street of the "Prêtres" which is nowadays empty, M. Severy, the curator of the Museum of Remiremont (with the presence of M. Jean-Paul Didier, mayor of Remiremont) took in charge of most of the paintings of Jean Montémont.

On December 18th of the same year, the town Council of the city of Remiremont accepted the gift : an amount of abow 142.300 €.

In total, 180 works will be at disposal to people.

The curator of a museum taking into account the donation.

The event is rare enough by its scale. To welcome this important collection in the best conditions of conservation and to allow to people of Remiremont to discover it, a room "Jean Montémont" will be ready in the Museum Friry. This space which can however approximately receive simultaneously about thirty paintings, the principle of a quarterly rotation of the exposed parts was retained. For the time being, the paintings are still in the course of framing and should not join their new destination before a few months. Some time which will be useful to present, in preview, the whole of the collection to the public.

It will be, indeed, the large event of the estival exposure, organized from July to September 2007, in the Charles museum of Heathers.

(L'info municipale n° 48 d'avril 2007)