From July 25th to September 21st of the year 1931, the regional exhibition of contemporary art fair organized by the social club of the ancient of FFI and war resisters from the Vosges, took place in the municipal museum of Remiremont.

Side by side with his teacher M. Henri Gayot†, Jean Montémont exposes with the “large ones” among whom Victor Prouvé and Charles Waidmann. Victor Prouvé, Principal of the Art schools of Nancy will be soon his Master; Charles Waidmann, itself former pupil of Victor Prouvé, will find much of his inspiration in this “Hill above the Rupt”, (private collection) cradle of the Montémont family.

Hill above the Rupt.
Oil-painting. 65 x 50. 1931.
Private collection

In a proceedind of September 10th, M. Charles Courtin-Schmidt, the copywriter in the Industrial Vosgien does not forget to let a deserved place to the student, who despite his age highly represents the school he attended:

« M. Jean Montémont exposes some water colors and sketches which certify the quality that will develop as and when the artistic education emphasizes. »

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