The fountain of the street Maucervelle.
Oil painting. 73 x 92. 1959.
Museum of Remiremont.

All becomes sensitively calm and smooth. The stroke simplify and the colours refine.

During the last two years, Jean signs about two hundred works which were unexpected. The néo-cubism represents farms from the "Vosges" and boats. Harmony of colours, construction and arrangements seduce people.

While these privileded links tie and while, Jean is on the treshold of his success, he is also weakened by his injuries. The brutal news of his dead on february 14th 1959, sink the city straight into a sorrow and sadness.

His last canvas reflect his last fights. A canva where the sun tries to penetrate through the colours of grey, the grey of the sky, the grey of walls, dirty snow, cold colours.

Firm Vosgean, Lespanges.
Oil painting. 50 x 65. 1958.
Museum of Remiremont.

« A great artist left us, letting us the charm of his smile, his surprising comprehension of things and men...»

Jean is estimated. He is not forgotten.

Since 1959, his memory was often remembered in the moments of usual shows or in the occasion of restrospective exhibitions realized by Mrs. Montémont who lived surrounded by his husband, faithful to his memory.  

Now, she paints beautiful flowers which are offerings for the man she supported and who now inspires her.

In 1963, the Académie of  Plastic Arts of Épinal decides to attribute to his working room in the small secondary school of quai "Jules Ferry ", the name of one of his distinguished foundators : Jean Montémont who guided the first steps of this Academy...'

Portrait of Jeanne, marries of the
Oil painting. 110 x 90. 1950.
Museum of Remiremont.

The unveiling took place on March in the "la Salle Jean Montémont' ; A painting to honour him represents young people working, as the author liked doing it.

In the month of April 1972, to celebrate the visit of Mister Pompidou, the municipality selects "the chapel Sainte-Claire", one of his last paintings.

In 1979, Mrs. Françoise Haudidier introduces Jean Montémont and reminds that one of his paintings. That is to say "the abbey of Remiremont" was here to enrich the collections of 1952.

On  October 10th 1992, a ceremony was given in the college of Rupt-sur-Moselle, where they commemorated the name of Jean Montémont. It was an honour for the city which saw the birth of the artist. 

Jeanne Montémont was present for the ceremony. There were also M. Christian Poncelet, président of the "Conseil Général", Claude Mesliand, the directeur of education of the academy of Nancy-Metz, Robert Parmentier, the mayor of Rupt-sur-Moselle, François Vanson, the regional councillor of the district  and Mrs. Sonia Henrich,the directeur of education.

Inaugural speech of the college Jean Montémont
 in the Rupt-on-Moselle.

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